How to participate?

You can participate in Nomad Performance wherever you are!

How to participate?

1. We will start together at 1 p.m. o’clock (CET), then each artist can choose the duration of his or her performance;

2. Video record your performance (or take photos);

3. Publish the record of your performance on your social media profiles.

Always include:

4. Take note of your post URL or link.

5. Send us:

  • Name of the artist
  • Profile/website
  • Title of the performance,
  • Place of the performance,
  • 1 Cover image or photo (just 1 please),
  • Duration (optional),
  • Names of those who recorded videos and took photos (optional) – (Photo and video credits)
  • Link or URL of your post of your performance

We will publish everything on the website and repost it on our social media profiles to create an archive of all the performances performed during the day.

Where to send the material?

Send everything to: