Why create Nomad Performance?

It all starts in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, on Sunday 11 November 2018, 
and after a year of experimenting each time in a different public space in the city, we opened up to the world.

Nomad Performance was born out of the need and intention to spread, to infiltrate, to implant performance in public space, freely and spontaneously.

Nomad Performance wants to add itself to the experiences of this artistic practice that already exist in the territories, occupying everyday public spaces so that they are codified, read and felt as artistic.

Nomad Performance wants to bring together artists and curious people, to create community, to build bridges in the perspective of development and discovery of this artistic discipline.

Exploring the public space through the performances made by people who live or simply pass through different places, is the central idea of this experience that is starting right now.

The intention is: to take the performance in the public spaces of the world, to know each other, to create network, connecting people and places. Therefore each artist, each person who wants to participate with a performance, will be able to do it wherever they want.

Nomad Performance starts with the artist NEA, and counts with Eva Evitzkaya as ambassador.

Do you want more information?
Write to thenomadperformance@gmail.com or go to the Contact page!